Ecofurniture doors with it distinct pattern and unique strength is made to stand the test of time. This master piece is inspired by the request of customers around the globe. Eco furniture has locally produced doors from well seasoned wood and is also a key distributor of Turkish tuna security doors.

Single : 70-90cm width 200cm long
One and a Half: 100-120cm wide X 200cm long
Double: 150-180cm wide X 200cm long
Flashed doors : customised doors

Details Of Security Doors
Frame : 1.5 mm Steel
Leaf: : 1.5mm Steel
Lock : Super Lock
Weight : 110 kg
Thickness of leaf: 90mm-100mm

*All security doors are bullet proof
*Leaf faces made of MDF of 10mm thickness,
*1.2 to1.5mm Steel Sheet between the two MDF
*3 fixed hinges,
*Adjustable Frame (18-25cm)
*Double Wick System,
*Electrostatic dying, Peephole,
*Security pins and holes.

Sofa Sets
Sofa sets are tailor made to customers preference.
Three types of covers
1. Fabric material and
2. Suede type which does not fade
3.Pure leather is made to fit the environment
Manual that guides cleaning of the sofa

Modern Executive chair
1.Chair Base: 320mm chrome metal base
Casters: Nylon casters, very durable
Mechanism: Multifunction, gas lift (adjustable mobile system)
Chair Arms: Metal
BIFMA approved

2. High back chair with PU leather seat and back,
36 density foam
PU pad wooden arms with tilt mechanism,
BIFMA gaslift,
Metalic or wooden starbase,
PU castors, Side return table

Features of Tables
1.Solid wood veneer, high gloss finish, Anti-water and Anti Scratch
2. Milamin Laminated, Anti-water, Anti-dirty-anti Scratch
3 office table with 9mm thick MDF, 8cm thick table, mobile drawer, long cabinet.

Dining Tables
Glass Top with metal Chrome support
Glass Top with solid Wood support
Solid wood veneer, high gloss finish, Anti-water and Anti Scratch
Dinning set includes 4, 6 and 8 chairs

Kitchen Cabinet
Ecofurniture produce exclusive kitchen set which is very durable.
It comes with unique design and unlimited color options to fit the interior design.
We can provide you with either
1.Complete Solid wood kitchen cabinet with a matching eye level unit
2.Complete kitchen cabinet with a refrigerator, microwave, cooker and extractor
The work top is made of either Korean, Marble, granite or MDF board based on the customers preference
kitchen facials are made of either MDF boards, solid wood high gloss veneered boards or Glass.
We also provide you with a matching eye level unit with either side hang or top hang
Height of eye-level unit is 60 to 73cm
Height of kitchen base is 90cm
Back of kitchen made of 5mm thick plywood

The turnaround time for installation range between 3days to 5days depending on the size and make of the kitchen

We have all range of bed sizes and it includes, single, double, queen, king, kids, bunk, sofa and customised bed set.
Wood comprise of Solid wood high gloss veneered, Mansonia, Odum, Wawa, Mahogany,cedar, teak, Shedua and Asanfena.

Ecofurniture tiles are strictly Italian made with it unique pattern meant to provide beauty and long lasting comfort. It is by far the most durable grade of tiles in the market.
The widest range of products includes matt or anti noise non slip commercial tiles, full glazed polished porcelain ceramic, marble, wood effect and Terracotta.

High quality Concrete Blocks
Ecofurniture in partnership with it affiliate provides affordable but well compressed concrete blocks for construction works.
We provide you with solid and hollow blocks, which comes in sizes of 4″, 5″, 6″ and 7″.
These blocks are interlocking by design to reduce mortar intake and to provide stronger bonding.
It takes less time to lay as mortar can be applied in the horizontal layers only.
We have Hordy block, pavement block and slab which comes in grey or coloured. The thickness of the pavement block is either 80mm or 60mm which either rectangular or interlocking. The concrete nature of these blocks helps to provide extra support to the building structure.

Features of High quality interlock concrete blocks
Composition: Rich concrete mixture made of chipping+ quarry dust + cement with a high grade compressor machine from turkey.
compacted blocks can be used a day after moulding
Solid, have the ability to carry heavy weight than average block.
An interlocking system to hold unit together
No need for vertical application of mortar between blocks hence saves mortar.
apply mortar only on the horizontal section of blocks to bond and save time.
Pavement Block: 80mm thick full concrete block to withstand great pressure.
Note: composition of average block is sand/ quarry dust + cement.
Effect: less compaction and easily breaks with little pressure