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Founded in 2014, by Mr. George Oti-Bonsu as Bonsu Furniture Works and became one of the leading manufacturers in doors, kitchens and wardrobes. At the time we focused mainly in woodworks. Bonsu Furniture Works went through restructuring leading to its shutdown and the birth of ECO Furniture Works Limited. On 12th August, 2014, we registered as ECO Furniture Works Limited and started our operations in 2014, broadening our horizon and infiltrating the industry and today we are the sole distributors of Tuna Doors from Turkey and Alibert, Nigeria. We have our production sites located at Spintex and Anloga Junction, Kumasi and two (2) showrooms; one in Adjiringanor and one in Asylum Down.

Having started with staff strength of about ten (10) workers, today the company employs about fifty (50) workers. With our passion and persistence, our main aim is to bring satisfaction to every customer. We are building a brand that will stand the test of time and change the face of the furniture industry in Ghana and West Africa. Dedication and team work are what move the people behind the ECO brand. We offer a wide variety of products which suits every class in society. Walk into our state of the art showrooms and meet our well trained staff who will introduce you to our modern furniture.

What the company does

Eco Furniture Works focuses on designing furniture that is unique and classic. Our high quality products, affordable pricing and excellent after sales service makes us a formidable force to reckon with. We produce furniture for homes, offices and schools with emphasis on quality and durability. Our products are designed to suit all classes of people in society and to withstand changing weathers.


  • Electoral Commission
  • Korle – Bu Teaching Hospital
  • Vilac Schools
  • Rockters Company
  • Sunyani Polytechnic
  • GT Bank
  • Golden Tulip Hotel
  • Olives Presby Church
  • Woezor Hotel – Ho
  • Loyalty insurance
  • Electoral commission
  • Glico
  • TT Brothers
  • Ministry of interior
  • Individual apartments, etc

Mission statement
“Adding value to life…We offer wide range of furniture for homes and offices for customer satisfaction and security”.

Vision statement
“To be the leading provider of furniture in Ghana and West Africa at competitive pricing and to become the standard against which our competitors are measured”

OUR Values
At Eco Furniture Works we offer;

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Continuous training and learning
  • Security
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Improving our quality management system

Our Motto: “Quality is our hallmark”


Don’t get me wrong–I like Eco Furniture. Sure, it’s a pain to assemble a bed frame using only an Allen wrench and drawings of a humanoid creature. But it’s the go-to place for affordable furniture, and they have a lot of great stuff.

But maybe you’re ready for something different. Perhaps you’ve gotten lost in their store one too many times. Or maybe you’re tired of seeing the same LACK side table and POANG chair in everyone’s home. You want a little variety, and I don’t blame you. If so, here are most reasons why you have to visit Eco Furniture.

Yes, Eco furniture is the place to choose from a variety of designs without a limitation. Their touch is accurate and always on point. You are allowed to specify your choice of wood and how you want the work to be done. That’s why you need to visit them now. From the list of beds, sitting room flexibility sofa, kitchen wagons, office chairs and tables and many more…

Customer Service
Yes, handling of customers is one of the key reasons why you can’t buy from most shops in the country. At Eco, the smiles from the door are already waiting before you come in. We have smart sales personnel who are carefully chosen to serve you without making mistakes.

Product Pricing
Cost is carefully considered and therefore enabling affordability is one of our objectives without forgoing the quality you wanted. Just come close and save money with a variety of quality furniture in our show room.

Consider Quality
Some will argue, rightfully, that it pays to spend a bit more money on quality furniture you’ll have for years. This is definitely true. But not everyone can afford more dollars couch; sometimes you have to compromise. Also, if you take care of your stuff (i.e., don’t jump on your couch when you get a new job), you might still be able to keep quality items for a one low price by finding the right place to purchase those items. That’s why you have to click our contact to get close.